Copywriting services

Call my San Rafael office, and let’s talk copywriting strategy, SEO and website content. Here are some of the ways I can help you generate leads and connect with your customers.

Keyword research and SEO copywriting

Yes, every website needs at least some level of SEO. Without strategically placed keywords, your site is just a brochure for customers who already know how to find you.

SEO captures new visitors by training Google to recognize which searches are relevant to you.

How I turn your site into a marketing tool:

  • keyword research
  • SEO-friendly content
  • meta tags that act as signposts for search engines
  • ongoing website refreshes with blog posts, case studies and more


Website content for real people

Let’s surprise and delight your site visitors by truly helping them by providing:

  • information that educates, clarifies and helps them make decisions
  • a warm introduction to your company—because brrr, the internet is cold and impersonal (so we build trust with photos and bios for your team)
  • why you do what you do – we celebrate the tradition, passion and innovation behind the company, the memorable details that show some heart

We’ve all waded through the other kind of website—the corporate jargon, self-serving blather and boring boasts. With empathy for your potential customers, we’ll give them clear, useful content, written the way people actually communicate.


Email newsletters

Here’s why I choose email marketing over social media. It works!

A 2016 Direct Marketing Association survey shows email with an average ROI of 122%. That’s more than four times the return of other marketing efforts, from social media and direct mail to paid search (PPC).

Campaign Monitor reports that for every dollar a company spends on email marketing, they gain an average of $44.

How about reminding your current customers of your strengths and attracting new ones with a fresh monthly newsletter? It’s as simple as sharing information your readers value—tips, stories of how you’ve helped others like them and an occasional promotion. I can help with topic ideas and format, as well as content writing.


Case studies

Customer success stories can explain your product or service in context, and give prospects a much clearer idea of how you work and the problems you solve.
This story-telling approach is especially effective if you have a complex or high-ticket product or service. Case studies make great handouts at trade shows, informative website content and memorable, repeatable stories.

Download my report on case study marketing.


“Key to our success, our superstar”

Bonnie has been key to our success over the years. Her commitment to learning the complexity of our business and knowledge of SEO has proven to be a secret weapon for us. Her gift for carefully crafting our message is truly appreciated. We like to refer to her as our superstar.

Bob Thompson, CEO
Savvy Print Solutions, Inc.
Novato, CA