Your Website … Did you set it and forget it?

rotisserieUnlike a Ronco Rotisserie, which you can set and forget, your website needs frequent basting.

You can keep it fresh and juicy by regularly adding new content.

Why? Because you give people a reason to visit more often. More

Website Design and SEO Copywriting Blunders

5 common mistakes that cost you new business and repeat sales Buyers are looking for you online. Can they find you? And once they do, are you giving them what they need to make an informed buying decision? Now that 70% of all purchases start with an online search, it makes good business sense to… More

Memorable marketing – how to humanize your company

Hats off to companies serious about making good products, but not to the point of taking themselves too seriously. A perfect example is Big Ass Fans, a Kentucky-based producer of … you guessed it … enormous industrial ceiling fans. More

Invisible blogging — are you accidentally doing it?

You may think your blog is working its magic. Even while you’re on vacation, current and potential customers are reading your posts and benefiting from your expertise. And your search engine rankings are on the rise, too. Alas, that might not be so. More

Marketing wisdom from a fortune cookie

Quick! Look away for a moment from our train-wreck economy. Enough doom and gloom, analysis and paralysis. Here’s a bright spot, brought to you by my fortune cookie from lunch yesterday: “The simplest answer is to act.” More

Web pages: write ’em like you speak

“On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely,” says usability guru Jakob Nielsen. All the more reason content on your web pages must be impeccably organized and written in simple, easy-to-digest language. More

Search engines are not your customers

I have a website, but not a single search engine has sent me a check. How about you? Let’s not hold our breath, because no matter how much SEO we employ, spiders and algorithms will never whip out a check or credit card and buy from us. More

Info marketing – how to be a hero and gain your customers’ trust

I walked out of the electronics store fuming. Why did the salesperson think he could bulldoze me into buying five enormous TVs? Not a specific one. He was selling me all five and hoping I’d pick one. Instead of the generic hard sell, what if he had bothered to walk me through a checklist that… More