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Copywriting Portfolio — Case Studies

  • EBS, Ghirardelli Square

    EBS, Ghirardelli Square

    Property managers at the landmark shopping center help relate how an EBS-led energy reduction and recycling project resulted in big savings. View pdf »

  • Business Cents, American Soil

    Business Cents, American Soil

    American Soils staff share how a Business Cents software installation solved an inventory problem that was costing them sales. View pdf »

  • Business Cents, Item Shoes

    Business Cents, Item Shoes

    Follow the story of a non-techie store owner’s difficulty deciding on the right computer/accounting/POS package. The case study shows off Business Cents’s consulting, problem-solving and installation savvy. View pdf »

  • Business Cents, Collure & Susanna

    Business Cents, Collure & Susanna

    How to track and order accurately with an 8,000-piece inventory of design and gift items? The client and Business Cents tell how a custom automated system saved the day. View pdf »

  • DriveSavers / US Air Force

    DriveSavers / US Air Force

    The story of a data disaster averted by DriveSavers, with their Air Force client putting the rescue in perspective. A powerful testimonial and cautionary tale.  View pdf »