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Portfolio Annual Reports

Copywriting Portfolio — Annual Reports

  • Audubon Canyon Ranch, 2011

    Audubon Canyon Ranch, 2011

    This annual report is a concise and inspiring overview of the nonprofit’s accomplishments for the year, as well as a thank you to supporters. View pdf »

  • Aududon Canyon Ranch, 2010

    Aududon Canyon Ranch, 2010

    Accessible, bite-sized highlights of ACR’s accomplishments, as well as acknowledgments of volunteers and donors. View pdf »

  • Summit Bank, 6th Street Playhouse

    Summit Bank, 6th Street Playhouse

    Each customer profile in the annual report showcased an area of the bank’s strength. The 6th Street Playhouse story illustrates Summit’s commitment to the community. View pdf »

  • Summit Bank, Redi Shade

    Summit Bank, Redi Shade

    Shining a light on Summit’s flexibility and responsiveness, the Redi Shade story shows how the bank outservices large, bureaucratic lenders. View pdf »