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Bay Area SEO & Copywriting Services that Give You the Edge

It’s rare to read a website, brochure or newsletter and think, “They get me, and they can solve my problem.” That’s why compelling copywriting and targeted SEO really sets your company apart. Instead of just selling to customers, we’ll show you care enough to understand and inform them, anticipate their needs and help them make a buying decision. Here are some of the ways I can lend a hand.

Website Content Writing

website copywritingEver notice how website content often reads like one corporation talking to another? Ugh. People do business with people, so let’s make your prospects feel valued with customer-friendly content that sets the stage for an ongoing relationship. More about website content writing >>

Email Newsletters

copywriting email newsletters Stay cozy with existing customers and court new prospects with a timely and helpful newsletter. Share tips, announce new products, tell customer success stories — show they matter by staying in touch. More about email newsletters >>

SEO Keyword Research

copywriting keyword research Here’s how to keep your website from being marooned on a lonely desert island. Let me uncover the actual phrases customers use to find your product or service online, and apply them strategically on your site. Suddenly, you’re discovered! More about SEO keyword research >>

Case Studies

copywriting case studies Who can resist a story? A series of case studies is a lively and powerful way to illustrate your capabilities and incorporate a customer testimonial to boot. Even your most complex products will be understood, remembered and sought after. More about case studies >>

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